Nuts, Lavender & Alpacas – A Day in Valley Center

Nuts, Lavender & Alpacas. Sounds like a strange combination, doesn’t it. It was one day in the life of a So Cal Explorer. The meetup started at Bates Nut Farm. Turns out they don’t grow their own nuts anymore, but they have a store, petting zoo and fields to explore. They also hold weddings and I loved their lighting choices

I tried some motion blur by setting a slow shutter speed and moving my camera up and down.

My favorite colors

My favorite colors

Then it was on to the Lavender fields. Did you know lavender can be yellow as well as purple?

The final stop of the day was an Alpaca farm. I’ve never been to an Alpaca farm before and had no idea they were such sweet and gentle creatures. The owner turned out the Alpacas in a field of fresh grass. After they got over their initial curosity of us, they weren’t letting anything get in the way of their fresh meal. The Alpacas had been shorn a couple of weeks prior to our visit and were therefore “naked”. The fact that they weren’t all sheared the same way added to their personalities.

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