Heritage Flight

Photographing the Planes of Fame Airshow

The challenge of photographing planes with propellers is that you need a slow enough shutter speed to capture the blur of the propeller, but not so slow that the rest of the plane is a blur. When photographing the airshow at Planes of Fame, I put my camera in shutter priority mode and selected a Read more about Photographing the Planes of Fame Airshow[…]

F-22 Raptor

Photographing the F-22 Raptor

Okay. This photo is example of why airshows need to hire photographers to stage their static displays. 🙁 What could be a better photograph of a static F-22 Raptor then looking straight down it’s nose? So why block the view with light stands and other junk? Not to mention the building in the background. If Read more about Photographing the F-22 Raptor[…]

CPP’s 2nd Annual Hike for Healing

On May 3rd, I participated in Creating Partnerships for Progress’s (CPP) 2nd annual Hike for Healing to raise money for a medical clinic in Cambodia. CPP is a non-profit organization founded by Angela Wendel, the organizer of the So Cal Explorers photography meetup group, and her family. In 2010, they built a playground in Tanzania Read more about CPP’s 2nd Annual Hike for Healing[…]

Photographing the Benson Sculpture Park

I wouldn’t make a good photojournalist. If I was, I would have gotten an establishing shot to show where I was. I would have photographed each sculpture in it’s entirety before zooming into the details. I would have photographed the plaques that showed who the artist is and what the sculpture is called. So where Read more about Photographing the Benson Sculpture Park[…]

Photographing the Wild Animal Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 720 acres with species-specific habitat ranging from 5-acres to 25-acres. They specialize in rescuing large predators like Tigers, Lions, Bears & Wolves to name a few. These animals have been rescued from private owners, circuses or other zoos that could not take proper care of them. The goal is Read more about Photographing the Wild Animal Sanctuary[…]