Photographing Death Valley National Park

In April I went with a timelapse photography meetup group to Death Valley National Park. Death Valley rarely gets rain so we were very fortunate to be there during a stormy weekend. We got rained on at the motel in Beatty, Nevada, but not in the park itself. The storm clouds were all around us though and provided some good timelapse material

If you want to see some of the still images from the trip head over to my SmugMug gallery

3 thoughts on “Photographing Death Valley National Park

  1. Good thing it was cloudy that weekend. Maybe I am slow but I thought the credits at the end could have stayed on screen just a little bit longer.

    • Since I didn’t get the Milky Way at the Racetrack that I was hoping for, having clouds gave me more to timelapse. I’ll keep the credit length in mind for next time. Thanks for the feedback.

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