Photographing the Wild Animal Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a 720 acres with species-specific habitat ranging from 5-acres to 25-acres.

Future Expansion

Future Expansion

They specialize in rescuing large predators like Tigers, Lions, Bears & Wolves to name a few. These animals have been rescued from private owners, circuses or other zoos that could not take proper care of them. The goal is to let these animals live out there natural lives in these large enclosures which include underground dens for shelter and hibernation.

What makes visiting this sanctuary different than visiting the zoo, is that you get to see the animals from above. They have built a “Mile into the Wild Walkway” that lets you walk above the different habitats. In the orientation, they said that was good for the animals because they don’t see us as a predator or food so our presence up there doesn’t stress them.

Part of the "Mile into the Wild Walkway"

Part of the “Mile into the Wild Walkway”

But just like at the zoo, the animals like to spend the day sleeping unless they are eating. I so needed a longer lens for this location. 🙂

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