Wasn’t Supposed to Happen


My favorite photo from a President’s Day weekend spent with the So Cal Explorers in Yosemite was taken somewhere west of Kingsburg. This location was not planned.

We were on our way home on the 99 when we ran into a total freeway closure as a result of a double CHP fatal accident. When the detour signs said to turn left after exiting the freeway, we turned right and found the 43 south. There were several almond orchards in full bloom and we stopped and turned the detour into a photo opportunity.

While I really like how the photo turned out it also reminds me of two lives lost which… wasn’t supposed to happen.

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One thought on “Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

  1. wow… this is all i have to say. your photos are amazing and your comment regarding the loss of the two lives and the two sets of almond blossoms really touched my heart. love you debbie!

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