Route 66-Victorville to Barstow

This meetup trip took us along Route 66 from Victorville to just past Barstow with stops at an old steel truss bridge, the Antique Station, Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch, and ending in an abandoned waterpark called Rock-A-Hoola.

The stop at the old steel truss bridge gave us access to graffiti and train tracks.
The Antique Station is like a trip back in time. The scary part was seeing “old” things for sale that I still own 🙂 This isn’t one of them
Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is proof that recycling can be a creative pursuit.
My favorite stop was the abandoned waterpark just past Barstow that you can see from the 15 freeway. The water is long gone, but the buildings and support structures are still standing.


The rest of my photos from this trip can be found by clicking on the link to my SmugMug gallery

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