US Open of Surfing

Ok, so I know nothing about surfing or what makes a good surfing photograph. However, I thought the US Open of Surfing might be a good opportunity to give it a try as Huntington Beach is so close. The first challenge is parking. The Huntington Beach pier area can be very crowded and difficult to drive around. I had the idea if that if I went early enough I might beat the crowds and find a close parking space without having to park on some side street and walk miles. The surfing competition started at 8 AM so I got there at 7 AM and as I hoped there were few people around at that hour.

Second challenge is where to shoot from…the beach or the pier. I chose the pier as I was shooting with a 70-200 mm lens and the pier would get me closer to the surfers. It was a very overcast day so I had to increase by ISO to get a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the action.

Third challenge was editing my photos afterward. I had set my camera for burst mode and at 8 frames per second that produced a lot of photos. I found in culling through them all that the ones I liked the best were a combination of their facial expressions, which meant those that were facing me, and body positions or gestures.

I enjoyed the experience so much I went back a second time with a photo buddy. These are a combination of both days. Click on a photo to view them all larger

The high resolution photos can be found on my SmugMug portfolio

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