Moab Signs – Sense of Place

When I attended the photography workshop held by the Legacy Project at the Great Park, Douglas McCulloh did a presentation entitled “The New Landscape Photography: Adventures in Chaos and Disorder” I think the gist of the presentation was to expand what you consider “Landscape”.

One of his examples was a photographer, whose name I don’t remember, who did a project photographing town signs. Not just any town, but towns with interesting or humorous names such as Boring, Oregon. His signs included The Boring Library, The Boring Fire Station, etc.

I decided to use that idea when I was in Moab. When I was leaving town after the photography workshop I attended, I made several stops along the way to take photos of signs with “Moab” in them. My purpose was not a project of town signs, but to have them available to use as filler if I decide to create a photo book of my trip.

I think these photos do a good job of showing a sense of place. If you’ve never been to Moab, I think you can tell from the photos, that it’s located in red rock country. As well as being a popular for area for adventure sports and activities.

While I show these here to illustrate my point, you won’t find them in any of my SmugMug Galleries 🙂

I tried to do the same thing in downtown Grand Junction and came up empty. While Moab was full of businesses that use “Moab” in their name, Grand Junction was the exact opposite.

Taking photos of signs, whether you publish them or not, is a great way to remember where you’ve been.