Macro at the Great Park

I attended the second workshop in a series that the Legacy Project is holding at Irvine’s Great Park. The land that is now Great Park was originally farm land, that was appropriated for the El Toro Marine Base, and some of that land is being converted back to farm land.

One of the speakers is a grower that is using some of the land for vegetables & strawberries. I found it interesting when he said the strawberries that were planted next to the runways, harvested earlier than their plants in other areas. He said the theory was the air heats up as it moves across the runway and was therefore providing the strawberries warmer air.

I took these strawberries photos in the Farm & Food Lab exhibit with a Macro Lens that I rented for the weekend. My aperture was at f2.8 which was too shallow. You can tell by how out of focus some parts of the strawberries are.

You may need to click on one to view them at a larger size so you can see what a shallow depth of field f2.8 provides when you get so close.