Abandoned Base

I recently had the opportunity to photograph parts of the old MCAS El Toro base, thanks to the Legacy Project at Great Park. I went to the first of what will be a series of photography workshops based on the work of the Legacy Project whose goal is to document the transition from military base to park.

I thought it would be fun to be able to photograph an old abandoned base. It was a challenge to show the idea of “abandonment” when there are well over a 100 fellow photographers with the same plan 😉

so I focused on the details

and looked up

and found some leftover messages

The photographer who lead the workshop, Douglas McClulloh, who is part of the Legacy Project, said one of their biggest challenges was to document the runway. The runway is after all just a flat surface.

I made my attempts, including trying to get as low a perspective as I could, but a runway just needs an airplane.

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