Knotts Merry Farm

In an unequal exchange, Tustin Toyota gave me a free pass to Knott’s Berry Farm, for some rather expensive auto repairs. I decided to make use of the pass last Sunday during the period of time that Knott’s Berry Farm becomes Knott’s Merry Farm.
Knotts Merry Farm

I was looking to take some photos with a Christmas theme.
Knotts Christmas Tree

My favorite Christmas colors: Blue, Silver & White
Blue Light Special
My favorite part of the day was the Ice Show – “It’s Christmas, Snoopy”
It's Christmas Snoopy
It was a challenge to photograph in the dark theater. I had to use the auto ISO feature of my camera in order to get a faster shutter speed so things don’t look too blurry
Santa Snoopy Kiss
The fast movement of the skaters was a challenge also. Some blur shows movement, too much looks like a mess.
Floating on Ice
I changed the white balance to Tungsten to make this more blue.
Ice Show
Not everthing was about Christmas πŸ™‚ I took a number of photos of the train, but all but this one had rides in the background that spoiled the shot.
I found some back-lit flowers
The Peanuts Holiday Parade closed out the day (almost). The lone ornament on Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree shows a reflection of the tree and Charlie Brown’s backend πŸ˜‰
Charlie Brown Tree Reflection
It was about this time I discovered my memory card wallet was missing (still missing) and I had only 1 shot left to get the photo I was really after.
Knotts Christmas Tree
It was long after dark when I got back to my car only to have the check engine light come on. Another trip to Tustin Toyota was in store for Monday..but that’s another story. My next photo story may be from the auto show looking for my next car πŸ™

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  1. sorry Debbie. It seems like every time I get a new car, you get one. lol! Thanks for sharing the great photos! You are becoming quite the photographer!

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