Happy Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Do you have any photographs that depict it? The first step to capturing Thanksgiving or any other event, is to pre-visualize or pre-plan what shots you want. If you make a shot list ahead of time, you’re less likely to forget. Here’s an example or a high level list. This list can be broken down even further to be more specific

  • Food preparation – both the food and who’s preparing it
  • The dinner table – both the food and who’s at the table
  • Portraits – both individual and group
  • Any Thanksgiving family traditions
  • Any pre or post dinner activities – watching football,  playing Grandpa’s dice or Mexican dominoes, planning for Black Friday.

Once you’ve made your list, check out this article from the New York Institute of Photography on How to Capture Thanksgiving With Your Camera The most important thing to remember, though, is to record your memories. It won’t matter in the future what the quality of the picture is (point-n-shoot vs DSLR, how many megapixels, etc.), what will matter is the memories they invoke.

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Oh Debbie,
    Thank you for the gift of you…. I love you! Thank you for humbly sharing your knowledge of photography and recording of memories. The memories I have of you always make me smile. Your thoughtfulness, your gentleness, your humbleness. You are becoming a wonderful photographer and your pictures take my breath away. Keep on “keepin’ on”…..
    Love, Me

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