Creating My Own Website


A website of another sort

I’ve long thought it would be fun to learn how to design a website. To that end I took most of the required classes for a Specialized Studies Certificate in Web Technologies from UCI Extension. That means I’ve taken a class in HTML, Web Graphics using Photoshop, Javascript and Designing and Developing Web content. None of these classes, however, addressed the process of actually setting up a website. I’d been thinking I should put some of this education to work and was thinking about a photography related site.

When I saw that “Photoshop Guy” Rafael “RC” Concepcion wrote a book titled “Get Your Photography On The Web”, I couldn’t wait to get it. I thought it would get me from just thinking about it to just doing it..and it did.

The book walks you though the process of registering a domain name, setting up a hosting site from and installing WordPress to manage your content. WordPress gives you the ability to design a website without having to program it yourself. The book describes the process of picking a theme, adding plug-ins and widgets for additional functionality and how to create pages and posts. While approximately half the book is about the actual setup of a website, the other half is about preparing your images and web galleries for posting on your website.

What I liked about the book, is that it told me what to do. 🙂 It didn’t present all the registrars you could register a domain with or the many hosting sites you could choose from. I didn’t get bogged down with having to make a lot of decisions, well almost, before creating my own website.

My website is still a work-in-process, but so far the most difficult part of the process has been choosing a theme. There are a ton of free options, and I kept changing my mind about which I liked. Deciding what I wanted it to look like has taken longer than creating the actual framework.

Now it’s time to work on the content!

Lessons Learned:

  • With help from RC’s book and a tool like WordPress, creating a website is the easy part. Deciding how you want it to look and what you want to include is more difficult